(120 cm  x 90 cm, oil on canvas)

Pigeon Eyeshadow painting depicts a tableau vivant of Western individualism and will to power vs. Eastern wisdom and intuition.
On the right of the painting, monks stand in a cross-section of a Buddhist temple, contemplating a monumental Tibetan mandala. 
On the opposite side, a gameshow host is on stage with the spinner wheel landing on a winning combination, the apocalyptic light beams above from fortuitously recreating professional stage lighting.
In the bottom left hand corner of the painting, a woman with her back to us uses a pigeon’s iridescent neck as an eyeshadow palette. 
A lightning bolt strikes the water in front of her, prompting it spurt up like a geyser and acting as a mirror, reflecting the scene back at us. 

(4 minute long film)